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John Cratchley
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John Cratchley Searching around for anything I could find by Chris Forsyth yielded this nugget; early experiments with Solar Motel collaborator Shawn Hansen...
This really is a gem!
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Dirty Pool was the New York collaboration between Chris Forsyth and myself. We rehearsed every week when living in Brooklyn during the early to mid 2000's. My original thought for the duo was based on a note I had written down listing "Carl Perkins, Alex Chilton, and Chris Forsyth." I had met Forsyth through his collaboration with Chris Heenan. We focused on taking apart rock and roll songs and rearranging and minimizing them until we could create a new tapestry or pattern from the arranged materials.

The other work we were doing and the general scene we were involved in at that time focused on free improvisation, where sound and a strong amount of extended technique was utilized. Switching to the organ for me was a way of exploring new musical ideas regarding the avant garde without using pedals or extended technique or raw sound. Instead the organ had a finite set of notes, and a finite set of tonal options which forced me to make only three decisions; to play a key or not to play a key, which key or keys to play, and for how long. This simple style of approaching music making fit perfectly with our decision to take apart "popular" music and use simple intervals, progressions and repetition as our musical content.

The heavy amount of rehearsing was crucial for me at the time, working on recordings and composing at home with little public performances. The emphasis on organ was a return for me as organ was my first childhood instrument and one of the important gateways to my music making as a child.

These recordings are from two studio sessions, one recorded by Jaime Fennelly at Bard College, and the other from the Sea Side Lounge in Brooklyn, with some live clips added from the Lillie's show in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Forsyth and I still work together within his newest group and compositions for The Solar Motel Band.


released September 1, 2005

guitar - Chris Forsyth
farfisa organ - Shawn E Hansen



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Shawn Edward Hansen Kansas City, Missouri

1984 marks the beginning of Shawn's experiments with the imaginary world and the borders to others when he first broadcast the radio station, KJEA in Kansas City.

He is a product of the BARD school of sound, having studied with Maryanne Amacher, Richard Teitelbaum, and George Lewis among others. Since, he has created music and thought structures along the fringe of the conventional arts.
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